urban planning

Knevel Architects recognises the importance of the processes involved in urban planning. The process regarding the drafting of an urban development plan is characterised by offering sufficient space for input of any interested parties and by the regular feedback of interim results to the project organisation. We welcome the opportunity of cooperating when breathing life into an urban development plan and when witnessing its eventual delivery. 

Knevel Architects has extensive knowledge and experience with procedures for the adaptation of zoning schemes. The practice can perform consultations for its clients with parties such as local councils, inhabitants/users and developers and, if required, is able to draft the required documents, such as image quality planning, footprint planning, urban planning and requirement schedules, etc. We are also able to map out rules and regulations and produce all of the appropriate and required drawings. 

The further detailing or management of an urban development model can take the form of a ‘supervision function’ or be launched as a real architectural assignment.